Patient information on the processing of personal data

Patient information on the processing of personal data

Consent required for data processing

Your consent is valid vis-à-vis doctors, therapists, as well as medical staff (as managers) and previously defined recipients. Your agreement explicitly releases professional secrecy as defined by Article 321 of the Swiss Criminal Code, if it is required for the purposes of the activity. Your consent is acquired for all operations relating to your personal data, regardless of the means and processes used, in particular for the collection, recording, storage, use, modification, communication, archiving, deletion or destruction of data.


Doctors, therapists, as well as medical staff (as controllers) and previously defined recipients are responsible for the processing of your personal data, and health data in particular. If you have any questions about data protection or wish to exercise your rights under data protection, please contact your doctor or therapist.

Collection and purpose of data processing

The processing (collection, storage, use and storage) of your data is carried out based on the medical consultation and the legal provisions relating to its fulfilment and related obligations. The data is collected on the one hand by the attending physician as part of your treatment. Data is also communicated to us by other doctors and healthcare professionals by whom you are or have been followed insofar as you have given them your consent. Only data relating to your treatment are processed in your medical file. The medical record also includes the personal information you have provided in the patient form, such as your identity, your contact details, your insurance fund, but also the informative interview carried out as part of the medical treatment or the health data collected such as history, diagnoses, proposals for care and results.

Consent required for data transmissions

The processing of data is legally based on the documentation of the medical record, as well as on the retention and billing obligation, which includes collection. We only pass on your personal data, and more specifically your medical data, to external third parties when we are permitted or required to do so by law, or when you give us your consent for your data to be communicated as part of your medical treatment.

  • The purpose of transmitting your data to your health insurance or accident/disability insurance is to invoice the medical services provided to you. The data transmitted complies with the legal provisions.

  • Communication to cantonal and national administrations (cantonal medical service, health departments, etc.) stems from legal reporting obligations

  • The necessary medical and billing data are transmitted to the collection company (collection of overdue debts)

Data retention period

Your medical record is kept in principle for 20 years from your last treatment. It shall then be destroyed, unless otherwise agreed. In some cases, depending on your medical treatment and subject to your consent, the data is transmitted to other authorized recipients (laboratories, other doctors, therapists, etc.).

Withdrawal of consent

The legislation requires the medical profession and therapists to keep your data and medical records. Withdrawing your consent to data processing would be contrary to this legal obligation. The same applies to data controllers, as mentioned above among the recipients. This means that the processing of personal data in the context of medical treatment or therapy has been provided for by law (LPMéd, LAMal and cantonal laws in the field of health), bearing in mind that controllers are also bound by professional secrecy, by law, with the recipients as auxiliaries (Article 62 FADG and Article 321 CP). For the communication of anonymised data, Article 31 letter e of the FADP applies in full. If, however, you wish to revoke a given consent in whole or in part, you must do so in writing. If the data processing cannot be relied on on any legal basis other than consent, then it will be discontinued. The withdrawal of consent does not call into question the lawfulness of the data processing carried out upstream.

Information Sharing, Consultation and Delivery

You have the right to information about your personal data. You can consult your medical file on the platform thanks to your personal access.

Rectification of your information

If you find – or believe – that your data is incorrect or incomplete, you have the option to request rectification. If it cannot be found that your data is correct or incomplete, you have the possibility to contest them.

This document is valid for both the Allomed brand and the Medipole company and is written and translated into several languages. Only the French version prevails.