Patient Guide

Our objectives and mission

Allomed is an online platform that aims to create an easy, viable, flexible and innovative communication channel between doctors and healthcare professionals.

Allomed aims to offer patients an exceptional private platform where they can choose a doctor, book an appointment and meet experienced healthcareprofessionals in a private virtual clinic using high-quality secure media. The above objective will be achieved through the careful selection of doctors and healthcare professionals on our Allomed platform to provide diversified, high-quality medical advice available during extended hours.

Medipole uses high-quality security measures to protect the privacy of our platform.

Allomed is a platform where patients and healthcare professionals can meet for a first consultation, second opinion, follow-up or general advice session. Allomed un is an exceptional complement for patients for prompt quality medical treatment, as it allows them to choose a healthcare professional.

Agreement with Allomed

By booking an appointment, you conclude a contract to use the Allomed platform to meet the health professionals of your choice for the type of appointment chosen. Please read the full terms and conditions on the legal page. Allomed acts on behalf of health professionals to arrange appointments. Health care professionals set their own policies and billing.

Complaints policy

Please see details of our complaints handling procedure on the complaints page.


Your feedback is appreciated. After completing your consultation, please log in to your account to leave your comments. Allomed is a new platform and needs the opinion of its users regarding the overall experience, the ease of use of its platform, the sufficiency of information, the quality of the online consultation, the experience during the consultation and any suggestions for improvement.

You will be contacted after the consultation to remind you to leave a review.


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