The Data Protection Act stipulates that the processing of health data is subject in principle to the express consent of the patient. To comply with this legal obligation, you are required to give your consent by accepting this consent.

I explicitly consent to the processing of my data, to their consultation by the doctor/therapist, and to their transmission to the following recipients.

Laboratory data

Laboratories, other doctors, therapists, hospitals


Other doctors, therapists, hospitals, professionals and health facilities, pharmacies

Patient data

Laboratory, other doctors, therapists, pharmacies, administrative department in connection with the application, accounting service providers

Basic data and data on medical treatment

Accounting service providers, insurance

Billing, settlement and payment data

Medipole SA, selected application suppliers, technical support

Medical treatment and billing data

Public registries, statistical authority, truts centers, FMH, Society of physicians

Financial and billing data

Accounting and invoicing service providers

Other data

I am aware of the possible risks associated with the exchange of sensitive personal data (consultation by unauthorized third parties when using insecure means of communication), as well as my rights. I give my consent for reciprocal contact between my doctor/therapist and myself, as a patient, with the contact details mentioned above. This authorization also applies to data exchanges within the firm, as well as to alternates. I also agree to the use of QR codes, as well as prescriptions and medical certificates with digital or electronic signature. As a matter of principle, my data is exclusively stored in Switzerland by Medipole SA for the main applications. For the credit check, my personal data may be transmitted to the collection department of Medipole SA.

Invoice processing

The Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG) provides for the transmission to the patient of a copy of the doctor's invoice. By accepting this consent, I consent to any electronic invoicing by third-party payment (sending the invoice directly to the health insurance fund). For simplicity, the notification relating to the copy of the invoice will reach me on the application. I agree that my administrative requests will be made via the application.

Based on the above, as well as any additional oral statements, I agree that my personal data will be processed in accordance with data protection. I am informed that my consent may be withdrawn at any time, in whole or in part, without compromising the lawfulness of the processing carried out upstream based on my initial consent. The withdrawal must be made in writing to  In addition, my deletion request does not result in an erasure since the law obliges the health professional to keep my data. Therefore, the request for deletion will only result in the deletion of my data with the health professional in an exceptional case justified during a confirmed cancellation. At the same time, I hereby release the health professional who follows me from his legal obligation to retain.

This consent is valid for both the Allomed brand and the Medipole company and is written and translated into several languages. Only the French version prevails.